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Artist Bio


Amy B Tiong is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she majored in film & television and minored in business and psychology. Inspired by her immigrant parents, she pursued her education with herculean efforts becoming a Gates Millennium Scholar, Tisch Dean’s Scholar, and Dean’s Scholar. 

 Her works have earned her an IFC Audience Award, NYU Expository Writing Award, and Tisch Post Production Award. She is currently directing a project for Elite Daily as part of their New Filmmakers series. 


 She has worked on CBS primetime show Elementary, Food Network’s Worst Cooks, and with Refinery29. 


Amy is currently obtaining her Masters in Nutrition towards her CNS certification. Amy is passionate about empowering others through knowledge and art. She hopes to combine her creativity, spirituality, and love of food to uplift the lives of others.  When she is not doing art or academia she enjoys giving back to her community volunteering with organizations such as Reading Partners. She also enjoys yoga, singing in the shower, baking, reading classics, and running the Williamsburg Bridge.

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